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  1. I have the same problem, seems only occur in desktop version. I am using Mac version.
  2. Penultimate is the worst experience I have with Evernote I bought note10.1 and hoping for a android version but I give it up and bought a new ipad air and the jot script. But jot script cost me $100 but It doesn't work will with penultiiamte. At first I thought it is about the hardware issue of pen, but finally I found the pen work well with other note taking app very well. It is totally the app not optimized with the pen. It is total heart break for a $100 stylus. The stylus said it is evernote version and design for penultimate. The penultimate team is the worst product team in Evernote. I really want Phil to know about the issue how disappointed I have as a big supporter of Evernote!!
  3. I have a problem with sync/ post to postach. Even I have added new note with published tag or amend the old post. The blog cannot be updated. I tried to reauthorised postach to retrieve my evernote account but seems not work. So anyone have same experience?
  4. I already give up ga la. As iPad now hv a real pen jot script which can be found in Evernote market. I decided to buy one and throw away the Galxay Note.
  5. I hope they port the app directly from iOS whether then develop the new app. I uses Mac, android pad, iPad and iPhone, the iOS version most likely better then android no matter in hello, food or EN. The android interface is not as good as iOS. So I don't know y they spend so long so that but y not just port the app to android.
  6. I have the same experience. It will be ok when I open it in a right reader say Adobe. Other kind of reader seem not work.
  7. I strongly ... request and support for the android version.
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