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  1. Same problem "The clipper couldn't start on this page..." dialog Happens on some pages and not on others. When it does not work seems to be related to how long since I reloaded the page. If I reload and click immediately it often works, If I wait 5 minutes it does not. Wondering if some kind of memory leak is going on in the clipper code. I tried the workarounds uninstall clipper and reinstall reload page (this sometimes works, not always) unchecked keyboard shortcuts (it was turned off when I reinstalled 6.10 clipper) have latest clipper and Chrome
  2. When I use the web clipper on a web form that I have filled out values or checkboxes it captures the empty form and not the values I have typed into it. It would be very useful when filling out all kinds of application forms to be able to save what I typed in Evernote. Any suggestions on how to do that? Thanks
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