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  1. Thanks for that, I've hunted around and it seems if I use the dropdown menu I can open a new note in a new window, after all, but I am sure I used to be able to do it another way. Still, I wouldn't have worked this out if you hadn't helped, so thanks. How do you open a note so you don't lose the note you had?
  2. For a long time now I have been frustrated with the inability to open multiple notes, a huge issue for those that are used to being able to do that both with Evernote and other applications. I truly want this fixed as swapping between open notes is an imperative and if I am not mistaken this has been a huge problem for people for a long time now. The old engine used to do it, so I don't understand why you would either remove a valuable feature, or carry around dormant code in the operating system. I'd really like an answer as to when this feature is coming back. I use this program in bursts for consolidated study and need it to perform this function.
  3. Also, the tip to "always allow" in Safari / Preferences / General / Cookies and Website data......Always allow is the ONLY piece of advice that has made ANY difference !!!!! Thanks to Longreach................your not in QLD are you?? The dot on the Web Clipper icon goes away when you make this selection, BUT, I am not too sure for the sake of Web Clipper that I want to leave "ALWAYS ALLOW", as a security option, and feel Evernote can do better than to have supposedly valuable customers be vulnerable. They should fix it, and then email us all so we can change back our security settings.
  4. Hello Astahr, Can you explain how you can download Version 6.2.4, as I just downloaded the latest and it was 6.2.3, or so it said on my screen?
  5. I'm in the same boat, Premium unsatisfied member. The fact as I see it is that there is functionality in the way Web Clipper is displayed to us, intentional, and the functionality is broken. It opens another tab in the safari window, titles it "untitled" and then "Success!", as the new tab disappears. I have had it work again, for some odd reason, opening the panel on the right hand side that allows you to rename and direct the clip to the applicable folder. I have had an Evernote Expert look at my problem, and then tell me he has passed it on to Technical, and now days later I am here, trying to find a way to express my frustration. I don't understand why I don't get a broadcast email advising of a problem. If I did, I am more than accommodating as I feel a part of an extended Evernote team, but being left in the fog, I don't like.
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