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  1. You can still keep it simple by having it billed to the 1 account and just adding a $5 or $10 based on whether it has premium or business premium. Don't really see a problem here.
  2. The fact that you may not "need" 2 GB month is irrelevant. It's part of the package. Just like many people don't "need" one GB but pay for premium service b/c they want some other functionality. In my case, I'm premium b/c I DO want the 1GB per month, the priority customer support & the larger note size. But I do not use offline notebooks, nor do I care about my PDFs getting OCR'd. The fact that he doesn't "need" 2 GB month IS relevant to his point and one that I agree with. Fact of the matter is, they should have tiers of prices (as with many management systems have which have a tiered pricing structure based on number of users). I have been trying to implement a shared notebook as a central repository for information for a business of about 60 people. Only a couple of us contribute and maintain the notebook. The others only use it to get information from, they don't really use it personally, thus they have free accounts. The point Pete is trying to get across is that ENB should have different prices options. Perhaps a tiered structure like: A free option for those to just have read access, a $5 option for those happy with their premiums and don't need additional GB per month, and a $10 option for the those that want a fully fledged ENB experience. This would make better sense than for me than to pay $7200 a year (60*120) when only a handful of us will be actively contributing. Also combine the fact that ENB doesn't FULLY support Windows Desktop version out of the box (http://evernote.com/business/guide/) makes it a hard sell for me. I hope they consider this as it is the deciding factor in my decision to migrate to ENB.
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