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  1. Beside all of the obvious unfortunate changes that have been made, the worst thing is not being able to access many of my previous notes. Notebooks are being deleted. I cannot find notes that I've created in the previous version. Is there a solution?
  2. I love the fact that you can shoot multiple pages. Although some pages are distorted in a bit of a strange way, it is pretty convenient. I need a way to actually see the sharpness of the images after I shoot them and before I confirm that they're good (with an ability to zoom in). I know you can enter the viewing mode and see all of your pages- but that view is totally pixelated and there is not way to determine if the image is readable. I would also like to have a convenient way of reordering these pages (currently only available on desktop in a really old fashioned way) and reshooting them (as opposed to deleting and shooting a new page) if they I didn't get the shot right.
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