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  1. To me it seems Evernote handles different formats differently. PDF search of printed letters always works very well, even if I rotated the paper for 30 degrees, pretty awesome. My handwriting is not that good, so it does not always recognize well.
  2. Recently I've been trying to find my next car. I knew finding a suitable car with good pricing would be a tedious job, so I use Evernote to collect all the informations, and use them to help me making a final decision. 1. Researching: The early stage is to do research online, to learn about cars within my price range, and their features/performance. Since all these info are scattered on the internet, I use Evernote's clipping feature when researching on laptop browser, and use EverClip to clip notes when researching on a mobile device. 2. Talking to dealer: When talking to dealers, I need to quickly take notes on my iPhone, without disrupting my talk with dealers. I use QEver and FastEver to do the quick note taking. They don't have too much features, but are good for quick note generation. 3. Organizing information: When I come back to home, I need to organize all the information. This time, Evernote itself is the best client, since it has all the features available. I use one notebook for each type of car, and use one note to record my talk with each dealer. Basically the whole strategy was a success, and I finally decided to choose an Audi, and will get it soon. Hope these experience could inspire other's usage of Evernote!
  3. I'd love this feature! Yes it's true that Evernote is very concentrated on NOTE, but in general, notes are very related to task management and scheduling. Maybe putting it into a new app would be a better idea.
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