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  1. Great guys.. thank you, so either its the use of child tags or evernote has changed from all to any as default for this kind of search.
  2. Thanks for getting back to me guys.. not certain when I noticed this behavior the first time.. I thinks its quite a while ago. For me, parts of the result is notes that does not have the tag that I've highlighted, see screenshot below: Here I select a tag called Veeam-BR, and in the result there is multiple notes with DataDomain tag (and not Veeam-BR or any of its sub-tags) I'm running the current release for windows. A
  3. I'm quite sure this worked earlier; in the windows client. In the left panel select a tag, and then in the search notes(over the list of notes, enter a word to search for, and then as a result only get the notes with that tag, that is included in the result of the search, in stead it seems to list just the result of the search(so not using the tag as a search-pattern.)
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