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  1. I must have missed something here... or I am thick. The title is 'offline storage' but the comments are about online storage. Surely the issue is not whether or not one pays for online storage, after all why shouldn't you, you are using a facility. The point I believe is missed is that if one does not require cloud storage and only has a single device to their name (Android tablet say) then it would be reasonable to expect to have your own data stored on your own device. Cloud storage is for those that have two or more devices and wish to sync them. I have, until now, never come across a program that does not store the data on the device upon which it is installed. The original comment "whisked away..." is exactly what is happening because it is not stored locally. The solution surely is a small charge for the program license and no cloud access for those that prefer to have their data with the device. If the data is stored in a cache, there should be a way to back that up locally. A point comes to mind. Who can be sure in these days when the bank tell you that a credit card is safe and cloud providers tell you your data is safe, that it really is? Who can be sure beyond doubt that their password is not sent with the data? Do you feel safe because somebody told you it was OK? If the data is encrypted on your system before it leaves for the cloud in the sky, who can be sure that the key to that has not also been 'clouded'? Perhaps somebody can tell me I am 100% wrong? The service provided here is one that some do not want but are forced into buying. If the service was not needed then there would be no cost or 'engineering' to provide it! Likewise if some do need it, then they are the ones that should pay! Of course, if data was stored locally on the device then few would need to store in the clouds. We never used to before the invention of this unneeded service which was made needed by refusing to store data locally.
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