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  1. But HOW? I want to be able to share a note and essentially force the person I'm sharing with to make a copy in their own notebook. Then it's their note and my note doesn't get changed. I cannot figure out how to do this on Evernote Web, which my students will have. Help!?
  2. After checking out the links, most comments that were FERPA related were more about grades and student work. Which I have no plans toward doing. But still interesting discussions. I had read the education ambassador's post previously, but not the comments afterward. Hadn't even noticed they were there! Thanks again!
  3. Some great tips here. I'm not quite the power user that you guys are (755 notes so far), so I don't have search issues. I have lots of notebooks because I like to browse. Pictures are important to me, so I'll keep using them. I'm not a good tagger, but I love the idea of a "delete later" tag. The main PDF files I have are scanned receipts that are related to specific topics, like "home maintenance."
  4. My idea was to simply make a quick note on my PC in a notebook labeled "Documentation" with student name. Like, "John Doe" for the title, and "refused read aloud" for the note. Or, "Jane Doe," and "head down, refuses to complete assignment." (That one pains me to even say.) Since Evernote automatically dates stuff, and is searchable, this would be a great benefit. Our PC’s are password protected. I'm going to check out your links. Thanks for the reply!
  5. I use Evernote everywhere (except on my cheesy android phone-crashes). I had a light-bulb moment to use it for documentation of behavior and EC compliance. My principal was concerned that as a cloud based service, there might be privacy issues. (FERPA). Any thoughts?
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