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  1. Love Evernote. Learning more and more applications for it. Just joined Evernote Business. Just started using the Evernote audio recording feature for meetings at work where a lot of info is being conveyed and I want to capture it somehow for later review, beyond my own note taking. Noticed that a button with a short rewind or fast forward interval (10-15 seconds or so) would be quite helpful when reviewing the notes later, while taking dictation from them. This would be much easier rather than fiddling with the slider button, which seems a bit clumsy to me. It's far too easy to overshoot the point I want with the slider bar. A short predetermined interval button that one could press more than once if needed would be helpful for me. And perhaps others.
  2. I think checking trash will work too as per jefito.
  3. Prak97, did you try message history? I found out today you can go back into the history of ones notes.
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