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  1. On 5/7/2018 at 8:08 AM, ooMikeoo said:

    Ugh, I've just run across this problem


    Even putting the text into a plain text editor and then pasting back into the note gives me the first line being BOLD, a large space to the next line and then normal spacing after that. The note contains PDFs so changing the whole note to plain text doesn't work because that deletes the PDFs.

    I rue the day...

    What sometimes works for me: copy from the first character, not the first line, to the end of the last character (not line). Then select all, delete everything, then paste.

    It appears that the paragraph marks before and after the stuff I care about are the problem makers. I can't select them directly, but I can avoid them...

  2. Jason Harrison

    Sep 27, 12:44 PDT

    I enjoy using Evernote and I have it installed on at least three computers.

    In the last few months I noticed that Evernote had frequent version updates on macOS that required too much manual work on my part for me not to suggest an improvement to the update system.

    Given the maturity of Evernote, it would be appreciated if it could update itself on restart. I shouldn't have to chose to update now, or later, wait for the installer to download the entire new Evernote (instead of a differential patch), wait for the new version to install, and sometimes wait for notes to be updated to the new format.

    Most macOS apps that do the update process nicely use the Sparkle framework. Please consider moving to this model. It will probably also help with customer support if everyone is running the latest version automatically.

    For those who still like to handle updates manually, the preferences could support a manual, or update only when approved, option.

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