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  1. What sometimes works for me: copy from the first character, not the first line, to the end of the last character (not line). Then select all, delete everything, then paste. It appears that the paragraph marks before and after the stuff I care about are the problem makers. I can't select them directly, but I can avoid them...
  2. Printing is working again in 6.13.3 -- released December 21, 2017. Yay!
  3. Yay! Printing note titles and headers is working again! evernotecid://612A655C-A7E0-4C3F-B686-12501C786749/wwwevernotecom/5073882/ENResource/p10092
  4. Jason Harrison Sep 27, 12:44 PDT I enjoy using Evernote and I have it installed on at least three computers. In the last few months I noticed that Evernote had frequent version updates on macOS that required too much manual work on my part for me not to suggest an improvement to the update system. Given the maturity of Evernote, it would be appreciated if it could update itself on restart. I shouldn't have to chose to update now, or later, wait for the installer
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