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  1. My photos wouldn't show in the window. I was seriously thinking about dumping Evernote, but tried this, and it worked: 3. (see start of thread) In EN Mac, sign out, quit EN, restart your Mac, Open EN and sign in. So glad, as I was not looking forward to shopping for new software. I use Evernote for all my stuff - happy I can keep it
  2. Thanks to jesseali above!! I just restored the old version of Skitch from Time Machine. Do your regular backups - never know when you might need them! Next time, I do research before I update any app!! Now, I can relax........
  3. OMG.... I just updated (using that term loosely) to Skitch 2.0. Sooo sorry I did. Had I known what was coming, I never would have done it. What a disappointment!! Updates are supposed to makes apps better, not regress them to the point you can't or don't want to use them. AAAHHHHHHHH Where's the History panel?? I would clip items throughout the day, and sometimes leave them there for quick future reference. Now, I have to go to a folder with a list of items. And the general look & feel of it.... sucks. Evernote is an awesome app and I use it constantly. But it's very plain-looking. Now Skitch looks just like it. I liked the old Skitch, it was very appealing to the eye and super friendly to use. Now I have a cold, ugly square box. You have totally ruined what was an awesome app. Now I'm forced to spend time searching for another app that will come close to what Skitch used to be. Sooooo disappointed!!!!!!!
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