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  1. Hey, thanks Metrodon. That worked although its a slightly older version. I'll take it. Have yourself a great day!
  2. It sure would be nice to "HEAR FROM EVERNOTE" on this subject. Is there a monitor out there somewhere? There are a lot of us who have this question and would like an answer.
  3. It used to be so easy. Print, print to Evernote, Evernote opened, item printed to Evernote was there. Now that doesn't work any more. The drop down menu still have Print to Evernote on it but it just goes through the gyrations and never shows up in Evernote. I have looked all over this site for an answer and can't find one. Clipper is cumbersome and I would rather print to the desktop and then drag and drop the file onto the Evernote icon. Any answers out there? Has Evernote commented on this issue?
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