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  1. Agree with the request for sort-by-tag whole-heartedly. It's basically a sort / filter issue. Having both is greater than the sum of the parts! We also use a nested structure (applying many of the rules suggested in The Secret Weapon) and, for many of our notes, apply up to 6 tags to each one, e.g. BR, Ongoing, MMG, Sales-Driven, UK, 2013 W14 Of course, I can double-click on any tag and see all notes with that tag (FILTER), but I want to be able to sort by any one of those tags in a given list/notebook (SORT). E.g. I double-click on 2013 W14 to see all the notes for that week, but then I can't sort by Sales-Driven within that filtered list. OR another great example would be to be able to sort ALL my notes by a given tag, how handy would that be! Would love that feature guys, make it happen please!! Mike :-)
  2. Thanks for the discussion points guys. Over the next few weeks, I have to try and justify the continuing use of Evernote internally between our team in Paris and an outsource team in India (= security risk). It was the only fast solution we could put in place so we could share files and create a mini-publication chain. Each notebook represents a stage and the notes move from one to the next. Every note is heavily tagged too, so I have a lot of flexibilty in sorting notes by a range of criteria. As I understand it, BOTH these critical flexibilities would be lost if our company chose to go ENote Business. I presume the powers-that-be would prefer we switch to MS Project, so I have to make a comparison between the two - knowing nothing about Project...should be interesting :-) Comments/further advice most welcome as above, Mike
  3. Thanks a lot for that ZZZ - our internal process here relies heavily on BOTH of those features. 1) Our nested notebooks reflect the production chain, as notes move from one "stage" to the next...I suppose people can still find things, but not ideal. 2) We've recently added tags for a group of individuals numbering about 50, so that means overall, we're hitting around a 100 tags (and growing). Not very useful to have those all in one crazy list... best, Mike
  4. Hello all, Am checking out the EN Business HD video to get a feel for what it can offer. Would anyone have a checkbox feature comparison between the Premium and Business versions? thanks, MIke
  5. Where can I find a full Evernote manual?

  6. Hello all, I noticed a fellow user of Evernote could copy his emails directly into ENote using a button integrated into an Outlook toolbar (plugin?). Awesomely useful button, which avoids sending an email and allowing you to place the note in a given notebook. Does something like this exist for Lotus Notes? thanks, Mike
  7. Yes, it would more intuitive for the Sync function to reset the sorting of stacks....as it's the last action to "reset" the content in your account as it were. We're working in a 5-person group here, so it's been a bit confusing until you supplied the fix. Reminds me of tech support days when "Have you tried rebooting your machine?" was the solution to a 1000 problems. thanks again
  8. Great stuff...that did the trick! Of course, I'd be vulnerable to this problem as I put my pc at work on standby rather than shutdown at night (against my green principles, but it's too slow to boot up).
  9. For the non-believers! :-) NOT sorted alphabetically by default Sorting screenshot.doc
  10. Hi there, Yes, sorry - I wasn't clear enough there. It's the notebooks within a stack that I'd like to sort, as it happens the folders are prefaced 1), 2), 3) so should be sorted easily in that order...not so, however. Thought I'd seen that it was a feature of the Mac version, but NOT Windows (right-click on a stack, sort notebooks in alpha order). If so, that is completely daft. best, tob
  11. Hello all, Probably been addressed before (and I suspect the answer is NO), but can stacks be sorted in alphabetical order (in Windows)? I have numbered notebooks in a stack that I need to sort in that order, i.e. 1, 2, 3, 4... thanks, tob screenshot showing the problem:
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