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  1. Hi. I'm developing Apple iphone app and trying to open note under specific notebook when I launched ios Evernote app from my app
  2. Hi. there In my app, I've developed the function which opens specific note after launching Evernote official app But the screen shows note in 'All note', not a 'notebook' in Evernote I want to open note which is under specific notebook So when I tap 'close' button on the top in note page which is just opened, I want to remain in specific notebook to see other related notes Can I do this ? PS: I think this is impossible now from this http://discussion.ev...for-iphoneipad/
  3. I know.. but the question that I posted in developer forum is about API.. This question is about just general question as an EN user side. because when i using EN app, i don't really know how to create a stack in EN application... not in SDK
  4. Can I create stack in official EN app in iphone or ipad? I know how to do in EN web or local PC but I don't know on app in iphone or pad.. Is there anyone who knows the answer?