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  1. I'm a longtime Evernote user, but I'm only now starting to experiment with OCR recognition...and it's not going very well! (For clarification, I'm working with jpegs, as I don't, at present, have a premium account.) I understand from some other posts here that OCR recognition can take a while to kick in. With this one image I'm experimenting on, however, some of the text was immediately searchable; some remains unsearchable 30 minutes after posting. I'm not dealing with handwriting, but with a photo that contains very clear text. Am I missing something? Is it possible for part of the text to be immediately searchable, while the rest takes time to become "available"? I'm gearing up to use Evernote for a complex project that will include scanned texts and handwritten notes, and I need to know it's going to work for me before I invest more time and energy setting it up. Any thoughts/suggestions?? Thanks.
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