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  1. Having read and understood the logic that has been given for not offering encryption as part of the Evernote solution, my feedback as a customer and constant user of Evernote is that this is a very important feature that would make the difference between offering a solution for storing non-confidential information to storing everything. As a customer, a solution that could securely keep cloud and local copies of everything would be absolutely invaluable. ("Everything" includes all those documents that people don't want to use : financial, banking, passports, passwords, legal documents related to assets like houses, immigration documentation, ... the list goes on and on). How many people have this stuff backed-up and stored in multiple locations? Suggestions that the customer should take care of this are just nonsense. To enable Evernote to work for Everything, encryption would be needed on the server side, on the local client offline storage, and on every supported device. Perhaps there are a few genius users who could figure this out for themselves using open source projects, perhaps not. It doesn't matter. The point of Evernote is that it is easy. Only an integrated, secure solution offered by Evernote would enable Evernote's target customers to "Capture Everything" and "Access Anywhere". I have understood that encryption would get in the way of the "Find Things Fast" notion. But that is not an excuse to drop the "Capture Everything" proposition. My suggestion : offer built-in encryption. To help index and search work well, allow the tags to be non-encrypted. Or more generally, my request would be "you guys are smart, figure this out". I don't believe that in the long term there is a defensible position that Evernote can take without offering information security. At some point some upstart will come up with something similar with better security. And at that point, customers are not going to use two solutions, one for confidential and the other for non-confidential information. Just do it.
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