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    I came close to installing the upgrade, but fortunately it did not work, I then read all the negative reviews and glad I did not. I too would be disappointed to find many of the features that others are complaining about missing. Skitch is an important part of my workflow, as is Evernote premium. I love them both so was initially delighted when I heard of the acquisition. It seems Evernote missed the opportunity to maintain a light touch with integration which would have likely pleased all and instead went down a rather heavy handed and clumsy route in pursuit of a strategic goal that probably had some internal logic within the business but has missed the point as to what made Skitch great from a user perspective. I have been a big promoter of both Evernote & Skitch in the past, introducing and recommending them to colleagues. Sadly I won't be so unequivocal in my praise going forward. The reason this is serious for Evernote is it clear there has been an erosion of trust here felt by many loyal customers, me included. My hope is there is a lot of work going on by the folks at Evernote to fix this and they have the courage to modify their strategy. Communication is key here as confidence that the company will do the right thing, having customer interests at heart is key to adoption and retention of users for a product such as Evernote.
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