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  1. I think evernote is currently by far the best notes program out there, and I've been evangelizing about it for a while now. However, there is the possibility for a huge sea-change in the way these types of note apps work…and for that, we need only look at the mega-viral success of the website "pinterest." People love pinboards because it's a great user interface! A focus on notes and notebooks is great, but I think another great improvement to EN would involve shareable 'workspaces' or 'pinboards' where a user could spread out multiple notes, notebooks, stacks, to-do lists, images, pdfs, etc etc all on a zoomable plane extending in multiple directions. This would really help with seeing the big picture, organizing ideas, and connecting the dots. Maybe you could even link objects together, and highlighting an object in a workspace would show edges connected to related objects. So, if someone from EN staff reads this, consider the possibility of a higher level of abstraction in terms of workspaces/pinboards. That added flexibility can pay dividends longterm because then one app (evernote) could take the place of several (mind-maps, task managers, etc etc). In terms of the GTD system, each project could have its own workspace, shareable with whoever needs to be involved. After all, what's better than having all of your notes searchable? What's the REAL reason paper note-taking still clings to life? I'll tell you: being able to spread things out and look at them all at once is very useful! -Bion Howard
  2. Evernote 5 is beautiful, way to go! One suggestion: I don't often use .doc files, but sometimes the people with whom I share notebooks do. Could you guys consider building evernote such that it would display the text inside the doc, instead of forcing us to do a "quick look?" That would make it much easier to quickly glance at notes with doc files, and speed up the workflow somewhat. I'm also not sure if the type-ahead search indexes inside those files. That would be another good improvement. Keep up the good work
  3. Here's an off-the-wall idea for Evernote: What if EN integrated with all of the textbook companies (inkling, etc) to make the content of all of a student's textbooks searchable along with their EN notes? Then we could search our class notes AND textbooks, simultaneously! That would truly be a game-changer. Anyway, just a thought. Carry on the good work!
  4. First off...I LOVE EVERNOTE. I use it every.single.day. for medical school work and just general personal stuff. To business: I recently got a FUJITSU scansnap scanner, and I've noticed that pages sometimes come into evernote upside down. Could you add a feature to let us quickly rotate these PDF pages right-side-up without exiting evernote? I can certainly do this in another program, but that just slows down the scanning workflow! I'd much rather just scan right into evernote and then flip through pages and rotate them without needing any other software. Thanks for your work and keep it up, guys! Bion MS2, MUSC
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