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  1. I added a larger micro sd card to my phone today, but EN told me that it couldn't synch my account. So I uninstalled the app. When I went to re-install, Google Play tells me that my device isn't supported?! Since when? I have a Sony Ericsson Xperia mini 10 pro running 4.0.5. Is it the 3" screen? What happened?
  2. okay ... my phone's SD card is full of EN notebooks. I don't want to store them on my phone, but I do want to to write and upload notes. How do I tell the EN client on my phone not to store locally and how do I remove the current data that is on the SD card.
  3. I'd like a response to Nils Geylen please? I don't need to store notebooks locally on my device. Or search them there either. I just want to create and upload notes. In order to do that, do I have to become a premium member and turn off local storage on all my notebooks? I use the Android EN app on my phone. thanks Mike
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