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  1. I'm a long-time Skitch fanatic (I was deeply honored to have been featured on their testimonials page at one time). I knew that Skitch was going to be absorbed into Evernote. I knew that the branding was going to change and that the playful pink interface would become a bit more muted and professional looking. I knew that some of the way Skitch worked would have to find a way to plug into the way Evernote works. I think we all expected some changes. But clearly this update hasn't met the expectations of Skitch power users. The original app made everything feel practically effortless, so adding more steps in the processes people have been using daily feels like a serious productivity blow. Removing some of the features (that countdown timer was a beaut) will make it a deal-breaker for some people. I won't go into the nitty-gritty details of each feature change/loss because plenty of other smart people already have, but I just wanted to add my non-democratic vote to the idea of satisfying some of these needs. Give us some of that resize power we previously had. Incorporate a timer. Etc. If you can't provide output options beyond PNG, let us know why (if you can). The people who are into all the details are more apt to accept it and try to learn to love it again if they get a little more background on why things changed (and why it's going to be better because of these changes). From the blog post announcing this update: We pared the application down to it’s most-loved, most-used, most-essential features, then made those features as great as they could be. We also focused on creating a unified experience across all platforms. So, whether you’re using Skitch on your desktop or mobile phone, you’ll know exactly what to do. I can only assume that the focus for this update was on making a screenshot app that new Evernote users would find attractive and simple and feel like an off-shoot of Evernote. It feels like those goals were deliberately put above the wants and needs of legacy users. If so, I think we get that. Some of the software-making folks posting here have probably had to wrestle with similar goals. The majority of us respect Evernote and what they're up to. We understand that the massive growth of Evernote (and the investment in cranking out tons of new apps) creates a need to make all of this content grabbing sync and work together. Please consider some revisions to help the folks who have always loved Skitch keep loving it and evangelizing for it. There's always time to change or "re-improve" a product.
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