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  1. problem resolved - kind of. used evernote on my ipad - "purchased" another one month subscription to update it. Unfortunately it actually did purchase another monthly subscription. Evernote got back to me saying they can only see record of my second subscription - told me to take it up with apple. contacted apple and they cancelled my first charge. so everything is fixed for me - but it doesn't explain the original purchase that never went through and was never really fixed
  2. Hi - Same problem here. Lodged ticket number #16051-156063 with included screenshots of itunes receipts summary: Purchased 1 month upgrade via in app upgrade on iphone No change in status from 'free' account in iphone if I try to repurchase upgrade - it says "you've already purchased this but it hasn't been downloaded. Tap OK to download it now" - when I hit OK nothing happens. tried updating / resynching everything - still stuck as free user rather than premium can you please check the ticket number and upgrade my account? thanks
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