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  1. I'm downgrading. I'll have to go to my TimeMachine to find the old version, but it will be worth the trouble. I was one of the very first users of Skitch. I also paid for the premium product. I'm also an early user of Evernote, so I was excited that they bought Skitch. So don't get me wrong, I'm pulling for you guys to succeed. But this was a huge backwards step to dumb down the product. What I want back is the ability to: easily change file formats resize on the fly make timed snapshots (holding down the shift key) decide which of my snapshots I want to keep, or which don't matter (the new version puts every snap into my Evernote, which really clutters it up ftp to my accounts get to Skitch from the menu bar set the default size of my lines and fonts change the size of lines (you can't do that by dragging, like you can with the fonts) use shift-drag to constrain dimensions to produce squares or circles name the file, or select the file format from the tab retake a screen shot keeping the old annotations in place take a snapshot of the entire web page, beyond the current window (although they did make it a bit tricky to find) Fill bucket Transparent background Custom colors continue to use the old version without Evernote trying to replace it What I do like with the new version is the ability to sync all of my devices. And also to use Skitch on my iPhone and iPad is very cool. Pixelate is a nice tool, but how do you move it or get rid of it if you don't want it? All in all, this would be a very nice first attempt, especially for the iPhone where this would all be new. But you had a great product for the Mac, with fabulous functionality, that you really crippled. It really used to be the best out there. Now I'll be looking at competitive products like SnagIt unless you come up with your version 2.5. And I really hope you do.
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