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  1. Nope, tried that. All it does is relocate the app on my home screen. Absolutely nothing else happens
  2. Thanks, but i'm fairly new to Android and I'm afraid don't really understand what you mean. What's the app drawer? The way I access an app that isn't already on my home screen is by pressing the app icon at the bottom of the screen and then scrolling through the pages of app icons that show up. I have two Evernote icons; one with the Evernote app itself (which works fine) and one calling itself "Evernote Widget". The icon is split into four quadrants, each with a small picture representing I suppose a different widget function. And that's all I can see, unless I should be looking for something else, somewhere else. Thanks again.
  3. I use Evernote across lots of platforms and have recently loaded it onto a Samsung Galaxy Note. I have also installed the Evernote Widget, but so far I haven't been able to get it to do anything useful. If I've understood the blurb correctly, once it's installed I should be able to select from a range of Evernote tabs and install them on my homescreen. But that just doesn't happen. If I open the app, I get a screen telling me that "To place the widget on your home screen, choose an "Evernote Widget" from the Widget tab in your list of apps. Look for this icon: So I go to my apps list, find the icon, press and hold and all that happens is that the icon gets placed on my homescreen. And if I press that icon, it just happens all over again. What am I missing?
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