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  1. The Chrome Web Store now allows for desktop applications. It would be great to have an Evernote desktop app on there. The Evernote web app is slow and is not as enjoyable to use as native Evernote apps (for instance, the whole app has to be reloaded if it sits for awhile. Also the web app does not remember how you like Evernote to appear--side menu showing or not). If a native desktop app is not possible at least offline usage of the web app would be nice.
  2. I started taking photos of homework handouts and adding answers through Skitch. It seems to be super easy! By using Skitch and Evernote, I don't have to keep track of class handouts. Also, I don't have to type the handout into my computer. I just take a picture of the handout, and add text with Skitch. Anyone else doing this?
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