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  1. Thanks for the suggestions Gazumped. I rebooted last night due to a windows update and guess what? All working now and showing correct Note Panel data. Go figure? Evernote had restarted with my updating it so perhaps Windows related issue?
  2. I have the same version. Thought it might be corrected so updated to Still the same problem. Same note is repeted in the Note Panel for all notes! I change folders and still the same note showing in the Note Panel. Close the Note Panel and re-open it has the same issue. This occurs whether it is a straight note or photo.
  3. This is exactly my problem! I had posted separately before finding this. Same comments by other users that some of them can do it but I still cannot! Just one thought I had...would this be a premium feature by any chance? I am just using free version (Android 4.2.1)....perhaps grasping at straws here. Critical function for me....will check out 'Catch' in the meantime.
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