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  1. It doesn't affect my editing and I don't use printing. It's for the web client, so restarting and/or reinstalling probably wouldn't make much of a difference. It's a shame that it's another example of the web client being abandoned by Evernote
  2. Thanks for your response CalS. There's no empty space at the end of the note, and I can't select more than one note on Evernote Web so I can't find the Merge button (I tried to follow these instructions).
  3. I am unable to add new content after a table, when the table is the last content in a note. I tried clicking after the table, hitting Tab inside the last table cell, hitting the Down arrow key when inside the last table cell, and I can't find a way to enter text after the table. I think it's related to this change.
  4. I used to work with a Mac so I used the Mac client. Now I'm working with Linux so I have to use the web client, and I'm terribly disappointed with the web client too.
  5. That's what I expected, but after cleaning the search box the search terms are still highlighted.
  6. I agree with @kingds, it makes no sense to display an action (Format > Code Block) that doesn't do anything if this feature has not been enabled. I am using the App Store version and from my perspective, there is an action that's completely broken, since Format > Code Block is a noop.
  7. For me, dragging the "Drag me" handle on the bottom doesn't work. Also went back to 1.0.12.
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