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  1. Thanks for looking into this. Please do so quickly. The alternative is to build the functionality into Evernote directly and be done with the separate app. (As long as you don't force me to keep Evernote open all the time too to make it work). And just to say it... "press and hold" is nowhere near as convent as "click"... Cheers!
  2. I am SO angry right now! I have no idea how many receipts and other documents I've thought had safely been preserved by Evernote but actually just went off into the aether! IF you (Evernote) are going to remove functionality... fine... I don't like it, but fine - but don't leave the feature looking active and not giving a freaking ERROR! Evernote, you have failed me!
  3. +1 NEED you to fix this ASAP! (or tell me the feature never left and where I find the correct setting)
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