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  1. I have to confess, this whole Skitch 2.0 "upgrade" has left a bad taste in my mouth, and not just for Skitch. The forced integration with Evernote, the removal of the menubar icon, the removal of core features (and not just a few, LOTS of them…) As a paid Evernote user with a standing reminder in my reminders: "Evernote for Business launches in December" I have loved Evernote. I am in charge of how my division uses technology… In less than 10 minutes, I went from being excited and sure we would all be moving to Evernote... to wondering if I should even be using Evernote anymore. What might Evernote do to my workflow in the future? What might they take away? What can I do if no one from the company even bothers to respond to anyone?? (This isn't a weekend, there are clearly people sitting in offices reading about the reaction to Skitch and choosing to stay quiet.) Something like this doesn't just hurt the application. It hurts the brand. And that brand is Evernote. It ruins the goodwill Evernote has built up. For instance, I don't know a lot of the background here, I simply know that Skitch was great. Evernote bought Skitch. Now Skitch is broken horribly and in over 24 hours I have yet to see a company response. That's a pretty long time to go all silent-treatment on your users. I have gone from being an evangelist to being someone who will use this story for years to come as a good tale of how to do/not do things. Our company can't afford to lose our data so the "Evernote business" is no longer something we will seriously consider when it launches. I hope the company/brand can turn it around. The past 24 hours of complete silence don't leave me optimistic.
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