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  1. Please, I use Skitch a lot for screen capture. When I go into my SKITCH notebook and change the Notebook to the one I want to save the image into, then find that I want to add a note or comment...its LOCKED. Why can't this image be "floating" so that I can insert text or other items into the note. Apparently I have to "save" it first and then into Evernote. Need drag&drop option to add to a note directly after screen shot.
  2. Hi, I am brand new to Penultimate. The first thing I wanted to do was upload a PDF file from my MAC into Penultimate so I could make notes on top of it and mark it up. Then I wanted to email it to my associate. I created a note in EN on the MAC in the notebook I had already set up for this project. I uploaded the PDF file into the note. I notice 2 things (or maybe I have just not learned them yet) - I can't use PenU on my MAC (obviously I can't write on my screen) -I can't upload an existing note from EN to PenU It looks like the communication between PenU and EN is one way. The only solution I can think of is to SCreen snap the PDF with Skitch, send it to iPhoto, move the images to photo stream, and then import it as a photo in to my note on PenU. I'm thinking that I will now have 2 notebooks on the same topic? I'm creative and this just seems bulky. what am I missing? Is there no way to access and upload existing EN notes from PenU on my iPad, edit and then have them saved back to the same notebook, or appended to the original EN note? Thanks for any help, Vicki
  3. I just want to chime in here too. I don't use EN every day, but I do use it a lot on my iPad2. I had the line advance problem and reboot and reload worked to eliminate it. But I am now battling the delay typing problem. I tried to submit a ticket via the support req in the account section. After composing it I hit submit and was told it could not be completed at this time.... So a search for the problem found me here. I'm glad to know I'm not alone, but the age of some of these posts and seeing the same advice they gave me for the line advance problem, makes me think I may not get a solution. I don't want to reload and reboot every time. Just venting. Thanks for listening. I will see what they say.
  4. How do I stop recording playback!?

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