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  1. Hi, one of the things i love about Evernote is the ability to add all types of content to a note, in order to do this it is about giving the user the flexibility to lay things out in a nice way, as things stand the inability to display certain file types as thumbnails can make the note untidy if the picture is high resolution. Evernote was always positioned as a way of managing content, to me this would include photos, i don't need fancy photo editing but would like to be able to display them in a way that fits with what i am wanting to capture, be that a "multi-format" note or small collecti
  2. I would also value the ability to have a thumbnail view for pictures, the main reason for subscribing to the premium package was to store and access pictures, i have been able to resize existing pictures within a note by dragging the corners but this only seems to work in IE, i have tried this with chrome, desktop and android apps but this doesnt work. Obviously doing this for every picture takes a lot of time and hassle swithcing from desktop to IE and editing each one at a time. Without this i am wondering if the premium package is worthwhile as i typically only use ~2% of the monthly usage
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