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  1. This has bitten both myself and my wife in the ass twice now. (in both cases, because -- at the time -- each of us didn't know how to undo it). Say I've created a shopping list. It's just a note with a bunch of items in it. At some point into it I realize, "this is long, I should turn this into a checklist list". On the desktop app: Select all the rowsHit the "checkbox list" buttonThe rows all become rows with checkboxes. Life is good.On the iOS app, though... Select all the rowsHit the "checkbox list" buttonWatch your grocery list vanish and be replaced with a "new" empty checkbox list. You're now at the supermarket with an empty list.Why on earth would you do that? who would want THAT to be the functionality? What am I missing? How do I achieve the former outcome on the iOS app?
  2. It is in the HTML format which is what your notes in Evernote are. It's not a silly oversight but a limitation of the language. So it's a backend limitation that can be corrected by using a different ML as the storage-medium.
  3. dballing

    mac Skitch 2.0 - Mac

    ... and maintained as new versions of OS X come out. Lest the successor to Mountain Lion break "OldSkitch" and they're like "Nope too bad...."
  4. dballing

    mac Skitch 2.0 - Mac

    I just want to throw my hat in on the "this is crazy" bandwagon. Part of the core functionality for my use (and other users in our organization) is to take screenshots of as-yet-unreleased web sites and make them available internally via FTP. This is content that - quite simply - we CANNOT send out to some random server on the open Internet. We will not be upgrading to 2.0 until this functionality is restored.
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