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  1. I have been getting a pesky Evernote "You're offline" message popup every time my iMac wakes from sleep in the past few weeks. No problem syncing EN when the computer is awake. Is there any way I can stop that popup from popping up? Thanks.
  2. I ended up deleting EN app on my iPad and reinstalling it. Lost what I was working on, but it seems to be syncing now. Now I'm afraid to install Penultimate again. Using GoodNote.
  3. I did two things recently: set up two-factor authentication using Google's authenticator, and installed Penultimate on my iPad to experiment with it. I set up Penultimate to sync one of its notebooks to Evernote. Since then Evernote on my iPad will not sync. I get a "sync failed" error and the detail is "Could not sync '(name of the Penultimate notebook). The content is invalid". I deleted Penultimate, and I deleted that notebook in Evernote on the iPad, but I keep getting that error. I tried to open a support ticket when EN offered me that option (very nice), but the green circle spins and nothing happens. So now my iPad's Evernote no longer syncs with my account. iPad with latest iOS 7. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  4. Does Penultimate only work in portrait view? I keep my iPad in a keyboard case, so it would be handy to have a landscape option.
  5. I just downloaded Penultimate to try. I cannot find the settings icon anywhere. Should there be one?
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