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  1. Gayle, thank you for sharing your idea for creating photo notes entitled A to use as notebook covers. I was having difficulty feeling proud of all my newly created notebooks because they were just so . . . ugly. Now they each have a photo "cover," however I constantly have to work to keep those notes as the "most recently used notes" in order for the pics to show up on the cover. I usually just add a space below the photo after I finish working in other notes in the notebook, and it once again becomes the notebook cover. That works, but it's kind of a pain. With that said, I would LOVE for Evernote to create some way to make the notebook page more attractive. Any kind of cover would be better than what I see now on my iPad app. I am a very visual person and like things to look pretty! So far, however, this is my only real complaint with the app -- which I have just started using and am VERY excited about!
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