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  1. Very good on the fast reply Joe. I am glad i found that bug! Thanks for the notes and the tips on using a workaround to solve it. Best,
  2. Hi guys, I work on an image in Skitch then save and then export it to have it a JPG version which is usually smaller in size. Most of time when i export it never saves the text or notes i wrote in the image while working on it. It is strange since in my Folder i will have it with text but NOT when i export it. I am attaching the samples of Image edited and saved Image exported as JPG, no text Any help or ideas? Best, S
  3. Thanks dlu, that was very useful information! Cheers, S.-
  4. Hi guys, I created an user name which is not good for current use. So i closed my account, try to open a new one with my original email but doesn't work. How come? I read the forum Can I change my username? Premium subscribers can change their username by contacting Evernote support. Changing the username on a free account is not permitted, but they can export all of their data, close their account, open a new account with the desired username and reimport all of their data. Free users wanting to change their username may also upgrade their account to Premium for a single month and downgrade their account after their username has been changed. Any help on this? Thanks. S.-
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