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  1. "Almost useless" is my calibrated assessment of EN for Android in this situation. "Almost useful" would be harsh. I do structure my tags and, typically, I use more concise notes, however, in this case, I am using a note that had grown quite large as a general purpose desktop text file before I imported it. The note contains over 300 entries (some with up to 50 sub-topics) and breaking it into 500 or more separate notes would be a hassle. On the desktop, this works great, and using EN with long notes there is wonderfully productive, so my comment does not apply there. I avoid Apple products, particularly iOS (but that is a separate topic) so changing mobile devices and acquiring further limitations is not a solution. I use EN on my Android phone to capture ideas and images on the fly, but if I cannot recall what I need except from a desktop, half of the value of the mobile system is lost.
  2. Evernote mavens (Steve Dotto, for example) had convinced me that I did not need to structure my EN notes -- just use the EN search feature - you'll love it! Not if I can't home in on a specific statement when I need to - like from my phone. E.g.: I'm trying to contact Roku customer service and need my account number and serial number which I have stored in my EN "accounts" note (200 or so long entries). I search for "Roku" and find the "accounts" note but - no joy finding the specific account. The clumsy search function makes EN on android almost useless.
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