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  1. Oh sorry I didn't know they where different. I'm using the one for Windows.
  2. I have a lot of notebooks and sub notebooks most of my notes have pictures attached to them (I've found saving a note with a picture is very hard for me) what would be the best way to back them up to keep the notebooks and sub notebooks organized if I ever need to re upload
  3. Thank you both so much :-) I'll look in to the Mastercook I've never heard of that before I'll try to generalize my tags more I don't wanna end up with 9,000 tags and even more confused then when I started LOL I do have many monkey bread recipes I like to try different kinds or different versions of the same kind till I find one that is perfect but then I take out all the rest I haven't used the search yet I'll have to start that :-)
  4. I have SOOOOOO many recipes between web clippings, magazine clippings and typed up ones I just started using Evernote as my main organizer for all of them but I don't know what is the best way to Tag them For instance I have Lemon Monkey Bread, would I tag it "Lemon" "Monkey Bread" "Lemon Monkey Bread" is that to many or to few lol Any tips or tricks would be greatly appreciated :-) Thank you!
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