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  1. I decided yesterday to see how Penultimate was doing. Much improved. I'm going to see if I can use it now in day-to-day note taking.
  2. I am just getting back to the Penultimate app. It has gotten to a point again where I think it usable. In the past I put all my Penultimate notebooks under one stack (called Penultimate). Now, I put the notebooks in the stack that makes the most sense. For example, my Meeting Notes notebook goes in my Work stack that contains all my work-related notebooks. I am working to reduce the amount of notebooks I use in favor of tags, but I like that I can organize the Penultimate notebooks among my other Evernote notebooks.
  3. It seems that you can resize a photo by press-holding the image to select and then resize using two fingers. I will say that the image sometimes jumps around the screen though, so "the weapon systems on this Death Star are not yet operational."
  4. Obviously this is a terrific update the app and the new look is snappy. Love that we can now save individual notes and send those to specific notebooks in EvernoteLove the design and full screen mode is, well, awesomeSome things that I am noticing: Still lots of artifacts on the screen when you write The drift feature when in zoom is too fastThe line thickness transfer from zoom to the "paper" is not proportionate--too thickThere is not "clear all" option to erase and entire pageThere is now thumbnail page view--for longer notebooks scrolling through is cumbersomeHope these thoughts help. Congrats on a the update.
  5. Hey there, Grid widget not resizing at least on my Galaxy S2 (Ice Cream). The other thing I would request in the widget, is the ability to add an icon so you can launch Evernote. That way you don't have to have another Evernote icon outside the grid. Thank you, Aaron
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