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  1. Thanks, @Mike P, for pointing that out! That’s definitely a handy tip. I had considered the “File” menu as an option, however. I guess my thought behind the button idea was for those moments when even a click to the “File” menu feels like one step too many. Especially when using Evernote with just the mouse, it’s about having that ultra-convenient, one-click solution right where you are, without shifting focus. The beauty of Evernote is in how it adapts to our workflows. I’m just exploring ways to make it even more intuitive for varied usage scenarios, like when I’m more in a browsing or reading mode. Appreciate your insight!
  2. Thank you, @PinkElephant, for your insightful observations. Your comments on maintaining an uncluttered interface and the practical tip to minimise the sidebar for a more streamlined view have given me pause. In light of our discussion, an idea occurred to me: might there be scope for a discreet "Create new note" button akin to the "Move note" function that appears upon hover? This suggestion isn't about introducing clutter but providing a convenient shortcut for those moments when ease and speed are paramount. This concept springs from the belief that the most effective UIs are crafted with the user's needs at the forefront, occasionally allowing overlapping functionalities to enhance accessibility. Prompted by our exchange, I would like to know if such an adaptation could improve usability for users who prefer quick, mouse-driven actions, particularly during more relaxed browsing sessions.
  3. Thank you, @Mike P, for the quick response. I completely understand the efficiency of keyboard shortcuts and use them often. However, there are moments when I'm more in a browsing or reading mode, not actively typing or with my hands on the keyboard. In those lazy or laid-back moments, I rely solely on the mouse. During these times, a clickable option within the edit view would be convenient for me, allowing for an effortless transition from viewing to creating a new note without shifting gears to keyboard shortcuts. Adding a mouse-friendly feature could complement the existing shortcuts, offering a more versatile and user-friendly experience for various user states and preferences.
  4. Feature Request: Enhanced "Add New Note" in Edit View: While the big "New" button in the sidebar handles creation from the main interface well, there's a gap in the edit screen—especially in full-screen mode, where it becomes less accessible. A straightforward "Add New Note" option would streamline creating consecutive notes. Contextual Note Placement: When using this new shortcut from an existing note, the new note should automatically join the current note's notebook. This saves time and clicks, keeping our workspace organised and our workflow smooth. Why This Enhancement? It's all about reducing friction. By making note creation more intuitive and context-aware, Evernote can boost our productivity and keep the focus on capturing ideas, not navigating menus. I look forward to seeing these improvements, making Evernote even more indispensable for the users.
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