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  1. could not agree more. i'd pay top dollar for this feature. and i'd use evernote A LOT more .
  2. any word on this? really would like to use this asap...without being able to move personal notebooks to business notebooks this service does me no good and i'll need to cancel next month...thank you
  3. Two suggestions that I believe will certainly serve the wider evernote community: 1) Allow business users to have 2 email addresses (one that sends emails to their personal inbox and the other that sends emails to their business inbox) 2) Allow users (maybe premium and/or business users) to create multiple email addresses that automatically send emails/content into folders based upon the email address it's sent to. Right now that tagging option is fine when sending emails, but I don't want to have to put "@boss" or something like that in the subject line of an email i'm sending my boss (and cc'ing my evernote account) but want to go into my evernote folder about my boss. Thank you, JD
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