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  1. Yes that's what I mean. Well then how is it that it is not working for me after testing in two different computers with my account?


    I'll try to further explain, but this forum is not letting me paste images in here, how do I do that?


    I just shared a link to a note in order to explain:



  2. I also think the search function is screwed up. Given the following scenario:


    I search for a tag that shows me a bunch of notes scattered among many notebooks.


    Then if  I want to narrow down all notes shown to those containing a particular word, I clic on the search bar and as soon as I do so all previous criteria are lost.


    I thinks this was working OK before, but now is gone.


    I think evernote is such a great product but then it has this problems dealing with searchs, which should be fixed ASAP. It is nonsense to use a service like this that does not have a powerful search engine.

  3. Please EN you need this fixed! +1 for the option of creatig new note in default notebook when using the shortcut and have it in the current notebook if using the button. An option to do so in the current notebook when creating a new note using the shortcut would be great as well.

    I tend to create new notes using the shortcut and I lose some of those because of this lack of functionality.

    I was surprised to hear it works OK on Mac but not on Windows.

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