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  1. Evernote, what's going on with bugs staying there for more than 2 years? this bug is still present and it is really annoying
  2. I understand your concern @gazumped - but many of us use evernote for task management not just as a note warehouse and searching many times is a recurrent issue. I am sure your team will come out with a solution for this. We really need this. Thanks.
  3. Dealing with reminders is a complete mess on the Windows desktop versions, I can not even get a view of reminding tasks and although I tried to create a saved search all completed tasks still show up. Please fix this as my reminders list is already a mess.
  4. They just let me know from evernote support that this behavior is by design. I do not like this, not at all. I already have more than 2,000 notes scattered along 20 or so notebooks and more than 50 tags. If my notes are supposed to be growing in number as time passes they need implement a fast and efficient way to look for notes.
  5. Good to know. I can not use the tag tree in the left because I handle so many tags and so many notes... it is not very friendly. I have a Mac at home and the Mac version is so much better. It will only show me the tags that are present in the notes sub-set instead of all of them. I did open a support request but I got no response. I'll try again. Thank you.
  6. Yes that's what I mean. Well then how is it that it is not working for me after testing in two different computers with my account? I'll try to further explain, but this forum is not letting me paste images in here, how do I do that? I just shared a link to a note in order to explain: http://www.evernote.com/shard/s32/sh/ca524f0d-a945-4467-b1a3-379b138da087/9351c2e6824931027625f362fc640f47
  7. I am on version (267883) Prerelease, which was provided to me from support when trying to fix this problem. Are you sure you tested exactly as I did? I just installed Evernote on a second computer, a laptop with Windows XP and set up my account and still the same problem. Version (268644) Public. Thanks.
  8. I also think the search function is screwed up. Given the following scenario: I search for a tag that shows me a bunch of notes scattered among many notebooks. Then if I want to narrow down all notes shown to those containing a particular word, I clic on the search bar and as soon as I do so all previous criteria are lost. I thinks this was working OK before, but now is gone. I think evernote is such a great product but then it has this problems dealing with searchs, which should be fixed ASAP. It is nonsense to use a service like this that does not have a powerful search engine.
  9. Please EN you need this fixed! +1 for the option of creatig new note in default notebook when using the shortcut and have it in the current notebook if using the button. An option to do so in the current notebook when creating a new note using the shortcut would be great as well. I tend to create new notes using the shortcut and I lose some of those because of this lack of functionality. I was surprised to hear it works OK on Mac but not on Windows.
  10. Please we need this natively implemented in EN. Would do so much good...
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