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  1. Thanks. I mean how to add a new tag to a previously set group of tags for items in the notebook. Lets say I need to clip an article in notebook X daily. When I clip into notebook X, the smart filing feature adds tags A,B,C automatically. Is there a way to add tag D automatically so I won't need to manually add tag D everytime I clip into notebook X?
  2. Loving the smart filing tagging and auto-file to notebook feature. Just wondering if there's a way to add an additional tag to an already smart-tagged notebook.
  3. Hi all, i like the way Ruud Hein structures his searches but am having trouble getting the numbers of the tagged notes to show in the search area. no (#of notes) and no grayed out search items if no notes tagged. Don't get me wrong, the search shows the notes correctly, just doesn't show the count of the appropriate notes like in his screencap. I'm using the windows desktop client. Am I missing a feature or something?
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