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  1. That might be true, but still, eight years? There must be something much deeper being critically wrong than just some overall UX vamp priorities blocking development. (I'm not totally sure, but suspiciously funny thing if it is true: I think to remember that this very comment editor had line spacing control before, and now it doesn't...) I've subscribed to the topic many years ago and every couple of weeks it brings me another incredulous sigh of amusement.
  2. @Dy and previous: indeed, such was my idle hope too. I 'joined the line-spacing complainers thread' now years ago and actually subscribed to the topic for curiosity if anything would ever happen. Receiving a note every now an then of someone else dissatisfied, like a flash of a lost and forgotten lighthouse. Poetry aside, I can only explain EN's absolute radio silence on this pretty common yet missing feature with two reasons: official obstinacy to help, or this call being way too invisible to anyone in power to do so. Both quite unworthy of a company grown so big in the years this thread spun (Actually, now i notice the thread has been moved to a Windows section, it wasn't there before I think since I'm on mac..)
  3. Thanks for replying; I largely agree on your arguments. Bugs should be posted as such, and sure it helps to provide details to reproduce the symptoms (I am on a Mac too; the label of this thread suggests otherwise I guess). And feature requests are other things. But I wasn't referring to a problem with pasting text, or asking for a new button on the wrong place. I'm indeed constantly keeping a texteditor at the side, cleaning out gremlins or adding text characteristics Evernote doesn't allow for. But I sincerely dislike that I have to keep doing that. Like the one who started the thread, I wanted to know if, and then how, linespacing (pasted or not) could be controlled. Finding out it cannot be, brought me (and Jeanmiele I guess) to question why such simple text-features are left unimplemented as they are.
  4. Interesting how this thread started two years ago has remained completely actual... Why EN does not see any priority in improving not even a bit on the text editor beats me, really. My problems & workarounds concerning line spacing are exactly the same as above, so sorry, no news there. I always suspected it would have to do with the way html tags are handled under the cover of a paste, like emerick mentions above. But then, since we're talking basic html text editing, why not add a little functionality to access these simple 'style' html tags?! Blogs, cms editors, you name it, all of them offer that. Some button to switch to 'Source' (of the visible note text) and hop there you go <spaN style="line-spacing:1em;"> or whatever you'd want. (I put N to not have this comment itself become html...) Hey!? The editor of this forum, of this very post while I'm typing this even offers that access!! Left top: Toggle editing mode! So what's the <em> real </em> [hey, that didn't work! this did] difference between text in a ENote, and in a html page? Mmm.... EN will of course not be telling the full story between the lines here....? My guess is it has to do with some old, native and very deeply rooted implementation of how pasted/saved data is filtered, stripped and then represented. I full agree with Jeanmiele that this is much more a BUG (a major flaw even) than a feature request. I'm using EN very daily to gather ideas, inspirations and references for projects; at the start, but also a lot half way the process. To gather 'what is around' on some topic (e.g. material looks, similar design examples, variations on the same theme) before making a next process decision. And along the way the notes in which I paste what I find and annotate ALWAYS gradually turn into reviewing documents of the sources given a topic. That is actually exactly what I want to do using Evernote: brigding between the divergent gathering state (aka a mess of inspiration) and the first steps of convergent ordering and reviewing, into a readable, sharable document (or page). Text is ESSENTIAL there. No need for full-blown textbook editing, but ABSOLUTELY more than what is offered now, especially if you want to hand it over to the following, even more definite, publishing step (e.g. a google doc, report, a LaTeX thesis, a web page, blog, whatever). So why o why o why is changing line spacing (and any other html/css style attribute) not on the menu?
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