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  1. Hi all I'm running half-day training sessions how to maximise the use of Evernote to increase productivity, reduce paper clutter, and save time and money by getting organised on the go. I am an experienced trainer based in Brisbane. If you answer yes to any of these statements, this course is for you. I ama knowledge worker struggling with information overloada student who needs a better way of managing my studies and course contenta sole trader or small business owner looking for a simple, cost-effective solutiona medium-sized business owner or administrator looking for ways to streamline my business processessomeone who just wants to be more organisedI don't want toswim in mountains of paperworkflounder in a deluge of informationdread tax time be overwhelmed by hordes of emailsI want to explore ways of becoming more productive and organised personally and at workexplore and discover the benefits of going paperlesslearn more about "the cloud" and how it can help meexplore better ways to use EvernoteFor more info and to register, check out www.prodee.biz
  2. Hi all I've been an avid Evernote user for the last 3 years and have been helping family and friends increase productivity using cloud apps for much of that time. A colleague and I are seeking crowd-funds to publish an e-book about using cloud apps to improve personal and professional productivity. It is called Out of the Past, Into the Cloud. It features quite a few cloud apps, including Evernote. If you're interested to hear about the motivation for and to check out the chapter titles, head over to http://www.pozible.com/intothecloud. Put in your two cents via the survey on the link to tell us what you're interested to read aboutPlease pledge generously to help me help you and others increase increase productivity!Much appreciated if you could help me pass the message on. Cheers Andrew Brisbane, Australia
  3. Hi, I'm trying to send Facebook posts and messages that I've "Liked" to Evernote. I've looked at IFTTT and Zapier but this specific automation doesn't seem to have been implemented - or have I missed something? Any help is appreciated. Thanks all.
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