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  1. Maik, I was back in forth with support for a couple weeks and all I ever really got was "hmmm that shouldn't be happening." Then I guess they dropped it. I'm not a paying user so I'm probably not a priority.
  2. I'm on OSX 10.8.1 and up-to-date Chrome. When I want to clip an image, instead of using the web-clipper at the top right of Chrome, I right click on the image >> evernote web clipper >> clip image. I've been doing this for a year. Suddenly, some of my older notes have the images disappearing and being replaced with a little blue question mark icon. When I follow the URL that automatically saved with the note, I think I've found that the particular website has either deleted that image or changed it's filename or location or something similar. I would think that the right clip function was saving an actual copy of the image in my evernote, so that this wouldn't ever happen! And I'm confused because I can look at those images when I'm offline. Is it really actually just creating a link? This is bad, because over time, I might lose these images that I'd really like to keep. Should I change the way I am clipping images? Thanks in advance.
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