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  1. [FIXED] Wiseoyster again, No reply to this forum, and no reply to Google Play post either... But I fixed it. (sort of) I was able to get around this coding issue by searching for the App in Google Play (on my Droid) > Uninstalling the application > and Reinstalling the application. After the reinstallation I merely entered my login information, and the application returned to it's previous operational state. (Let's hope is stays fixed!) Hope this works for you too! /wiseoyster
  2. This highly specific issue has been reported for a month, now. Still no administrative reply on this forum - at least none that I could find. From an Operational standpoint, you have the makings of a miracle app. At the moment, you have only a green elephant icon. I setup this Evernote account as a trial for implementation in two separate businesses. It has yet to function as advertised, and the partners' patience is dwindling - to say nothing of my diminishing professional credibility having endorsed it. The members of this forum have invested time, energy, and good faith in your product. They deserve an answer, as well as prompt action. Otherwise Enthusiastic, Wiseoyster.
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