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  1. I hate the new look. The new interface is far to "chunky" and makes it very difficult to browse notes. The old web interface was great for browsing the maximum amount of information on the screen at once. The note titles on the new web interface are far too big . Great if you have poor eysight otherwise no good at all.
  2. Good point BurgersNFries I hadn't considered the monthly upload limit for reinstating the Enex files. I know you are a Windows person but can I assume you use a backup system like Mac Time Machine to back up everything in the Application Data Folder. If so how can you reinstate just a few notes that for example get accidently deleted by the user & are consequently deleted from the Evernote Server? This being the most common scenario of lost Evernote Data as said by erospoli. Again I apologise for going over old ground but lost Evernote Data is quite a worrying thought.
  3. Most helpful thank you erospoli. Now we just hope that those nice people at Evernote build what you have suggested into a future version. As a minimum maybe an automated means of backing up all the notebooks as enex backups.
  4. I have read a great many of your posts. You appear to have a very abrupt manner, or maybe I should say little patience in the way that you reply to many of us. I love Evernote but at times need someone's help if I can not find what I am looking for and find it offensive to be "talked down" to. Your input to the Forums is very much appreciated. It is just the way that you reply to many of us that is the issue. Nothing personal is intended & I look forward to reading many more of your helpful posts.
  5. Thank you for your prompt responses to my request for advice. As usual like so many others on these Forums I have angered BurgersNFries. For the record we are not all as skilled as you in searching the Forums and rely on the kind help of others To ScottLougheed and JMichael thank you so much for your constructive and helpful answers. The advice on http://discussion.ev...of-os/?p=251345 was particularly helpful.
  6. Help needed with Notebook backups. As I rely more & more on Evernote I become more & more concerned over Backups. I know I can backup to an enex file but this is not a mirror image of my notes. It does not separate Notebooks. The notes are just in one big mass! Whilst searching the forums for an answer I found that on Windows all you have to back up is the enx file. However on a Mac I can't find any reference to an enx file. I presume this is windows only. I would be very grateful if someone out there can help me with a way of backing up my data to preserve Notebooks/Stacks/Tags etc. As an added complication Evernote downloaded from their site & Evernote from the App store store their files in different locations in the Library. Does anybody know why this is? I would also suggest that Evernote think about giving us a better backup procedure to retain Notebooks within Evernote.....Please.
  7. Please could someone help with an issue that is doing my little head in. I have two types of Notebooks. One type of notebook is used for journal entries and needs to be sorted by date. The other type of notebook is for reference & needs to be sorted in alphabetical order. Each Evernote account will only sort on one type of sort at a time, either date or Alphabetical. I would love to be able to have different types of sort on different notebooks. Am I the only one that finds this frustrating?
  8. Couldn't agree more. +1 for iPhone, iOS list view of notes.
  9. Thanks Phil. I am pleased that someone from Evernote agrees with the request for a simple iOS list view of notes. I have really wanted this feature for such a long time.
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