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  1. I think my main worry, since the ipad app gets updated regularly (and while it is pretty stable now, it really needed updates for a long time) is that my work on one device won't sync correctly with the other devices because they are on different versions of EN. Or, that something will change on EN's side such that the latest version is necessary to sync properly. Obviously, I've gotten along fine this year with EN 4, but I'm not sure if this is a good long-term strategy.
  2. I saw all the complaints about Evernote 5 and decided to stick with Evernote 4 for the time being. Is that still the right decision, or is the software improving? Do you use the new features? Do you miss the old interface? Are the bugs getting worked out? I sync with an iPad regularly and an Android phone once in a while, both of which are on the recent version. Only the PC is behind
  3. I'd love to see a formal response from Evernote on this suggestion. Open a support ticket and ask. I don't believe Evernote answers anything "officially" here.
  4. They may be listening (sort of - Phil's post clearly acknowledges that bug fixes and support have not been priorities over "making more stuff") and acting (in mysterious behind-the-scenes ways), but sgarcata is not alone in the sentiment that "users don't feel heard" by EN corporate.
  5. Not quite what you want, but will save you a couple clicks. If you switch your pdf viewer to Foxit Reader, under the "Share" menu you can save the pdf straight to Evernote. You can also use Foxit to set up a print-to-pdf printer, and set an option on the pdf printer to automatically open the file in Foxit Reader, saving another click or two.
  6. Did anybody catch this quote: All of our apps will be getting significant improvements and simplifications to the user experience starting in the next few weeks. Isn't that what we were supposed to be getting in version 5???
  7. You can go back via a website called FileHippo. Search on Evernote, then click under "Older Versions" click on "View More."
  8. Wish I were a famous blogger and could get CEO attention when Evernote isn't working for me. Phil Libin shouldn't have needed that blog (and the 200+ comments on Hacker News) to tell him his software is buggy. He could have read his own forums. He could have listened to his own beta testers and read his own support tickets. It will be interesting to see if things improve in the near future, now that someone with some ability to generate buzz has called out the problem so directly.
  9. I accidentally turned off Evernote's access to my photos. The error message says that this can be re-enabled in "preferences", but I cannot find the menu item. Help?
  10. If anyone else is following this thread, the AfterDawn link DOES NOT work (and before the installer fails, it tries to install a bunch of AVG utilities for you). The filehippo one worked for me though. @jbenson2 -- What are you using to back up Evernote? Do you just export all your notebooks? Is there a backup utility I should know about for Evernotebooks?
  11. I have not upgraded my Evernote to V5. The complaints thread has me scared off for the moment. I want to put Evernote on my daughter's computer and have her on the same version as mine. Is there a way to download the old version? Thanks!
  12. Is there a way to add a screen clip to the note I'm currently working on -- it creates a new note called "Screen Clip" every time, and I have to go and cut and paste to get it out of that note and into the note I'm editing, and then delete the "Screen Clip" note that I don't need.
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